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Lithium is The next ground floor opportunity.

Where depleting natural resources vital for lithium production (like water for instance) in previously popular locations like Nevada, many juniors are scrambling to find new ground to break. (LRTTF) has found itself at the cross-roads of what could become one of the US’s up and coming lithium bearing regions and it’s just a few hundred miles away from Tesla’s GigaFactory; an epicenter for lithium demand!

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(LRTTF) Key Points

All arrows could be pointing to huge potential for (LRTTF) and the ground floor could be here and now for those expecting a big move for lithium. Multiple sources suggest that the best is yet to come for lithium stocks and 2017 could mark a major tipping point.

  • (LRTTF)’s initial prospect located in Utah’s Paradox Basin, which has historically been a source of high grade lithium-bearing oilfield brines.100% Brand New HD Clarity + Reinforced Screen Protection with GOLD FINISH!
  • (LRTTF) has also just submitted National Instrument 43-101 compliant technical report for the Paradox North Property…this may seem like just words to someone not familiar with the industry but these two things alone are critical to the future success of any company in this space, let alone (LRTTF)!
  • This isn’t just some mining company with targets, they’ve specifically put their money where their mouth is and once the report is filed, (LRTTF) will reveal their hand.
  • The (LRTTF) property could potentially produce from both the brines and from solution mining of the potash beds.

The Liberty One Lithium (LRTTF) “North Paradox” Property Could Hold HUGE OPPORTUNITY!

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This property consists of 233 placer claims encompassing 4,480 acres located upon the Paradox Basin in Grand County, Utah, 15 km west of the town of Moab, in southeastern Utah. The area is suitable for year-round operations.

(LRTTF)’s initial prospect located in Utah’s Paradox Basin, which has historically been a source of high grade lithium-bearing oilfield brines. Previous oil & gas exploration offers historic data and attractive re-entry economics utilizing existing exploration wells. But this is just the surface of why now could be the time to be paying close attention to (LRTTF).

According to data collected by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the price of lithium carbonate so far as of 2016 figures is 47% higher than last 2015’s average. And in anticipation of this 2growth, (LRTTF) has not only strategically targeted areas capable of real lithium production with favorable climate conditions, but management has also taken strong steps to account for this growth. (LRTTF) has undertaken a multi-million-dollar capital raise that will be used to fund the exploration of the recently acquired Paradox North Property.

According to banks like Credit Suisse, demand for lithium could surpass supply in 2020 by 25%. At that point, the world is expected to need over 380,000 tons of lithium (reported as lithium carbonate equivalent or “LCE”). Considering the demand number was about 190,000 tons in 2014, that’s a jaw-dropping 100% growth in demand over a six-year period. Much of that growth will come from lithium batteries.

Let’s not forget the major developments that industry leader, Tesla has begun to make. The build out of the gigafactory-announcement2company’s GigaFactory has now created a gigantic ripple effect across the industry. Since the landscape has been previously dominated by a few larger lithium producers, Tesla has come out to say directly that it is targeting early stage, higher risk companies that could offer access to an alternative supply.

Liberty One Lithium (LRTTF) Could be the Next Ground Floor Opportunity
Set To Create the Next Batch of Energy Billionaires!

Like many of the lithium breakouts of years past, (LRTTF) could be set for a similar course already seen by many of the Canadian lithium stocks. This time, the average US investor can have a clear shot at taking advantage of this incredible growth opportunity. Just look at some of the biggest moves in Canadian lithium producers:


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