Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is considered to be a negative influencer concerning issues politics that is according to Chris Hughes.

The platform is highly used by most people and even several organizations to advertise and market their goods and services.

One of the major steps in promoting a commodity one has to rethink inequality and how to earn that is after the product gains popularity in the estimated market that can be either locally or globally.one must at first recognize the responsibility that the platform has.

A renowned politician once said that Facebook has both positive and negative impacts on the user depending on how one uses it. That is the eagerness off of to capture the attention of people and getting likes and opinions through sharing photos of him and his beloved family.

When an electioneering period is around the corner Facebook comes out to recognize the task they have that is in shaping public discourse.

Slow but sure Hughes further explained to them that Facebook has started to make higher and normative decisions concerning on how the people should be seen.

Implications that it’s having several common features of a media company and may not just be viewed as an inventory platform.

There is also increased criticism among the common known branch executives inclusive of their first president Sean parker.

Through Facebook many of its employees and executives left the industry in order to pursue political interest knowing well in their mind that the popularity of the site will eventually lead them also to gaining popularity and succeed highly in an election contest. That was shown through one of cofounders Hughes who left to work in barrack Obama campaign team campaign.

By 2012 he had gone a notch higher when he bought a majority stake in a certain political magazine known as the liberal political magazine and went on to sell it after few days in operation.

Despite all these the site still commands a high percentage of users around the globe as many people join it on a daily basis.

In conclusion the industry widely plays a big and heavy role to the community as people from different origins engage and share ideas.