Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ:FB) and Instagram have decided to lock the accounts of users who are below the age of 13 years. According to reports, both Instagram and its parent company have already started giving instructions in this regard to their moderators who are toughening their stand on the kids who are underage.

Moderators to open account only on presenting age-proof

As a part of their new operational change, both the social media empires are proactively cracking down underage users. Facebook, previously only checked those accounts that were reported to be handled by younger users. However, now both the social media giants have toughened their stand. The two social networking giants will scrutinize the accounts that have been reported for an offense. In the case moderators at their discretion believe that the account holder is below the age limit, they will lock down his account.

According to the vice president of global policy management at Facebook, Monika Bickert, “
“We do not allow people under 13 to have a Facebook account. If someone is reported to us as being under 13, the reviewer will look at the content on his/her profile (text and photos) to try to ascertain their age.” Monika added that in the case the account is locked, the moderators will only open it if the user provides his age proof. They will also have to provide ID issued by the government for regaining access to their Facebook or Instagram account.

Change could affect number of users on Instagram

Facebook gradually is shifting towards older demographics, adults who behave more responsibly on the social media platform. On the other hand, youngsters nowadays make their social media debut mostly through the Instagram platform and later on shift to Facebook and other channels. So, this step by both these social media channels is expected to affect the number of users on Instagram as well as the revenue it generates through advertisement.


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A couple of months ago, Facebook added few updates to its Messenger Kids spinoff app. The app is specially designed for children below the age group of 12 years. It allows the parents to click on the sleep mode and set up parameters for the kids that decide when the children can use the apps and when they cannot.