It was today that Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ:CRON) made a pronouncement that it had entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Delfarma in Poland. It hopes to leverage on Delfarma’s extensive distribution network to scale its business operations higher.

Gorenstein’s perspective

An official working with the company says it is a transformative moment for them that for the first time they will be achieving unrivaled access to the Poland market.

The CEO of Cronos Group Mike Gorenstein opined, “We are thrilled to partner with Delfarma, an innovative, established and reputable pharmaceutical leader. Delfarma’s expertise and widespread distribution channels are aligned with Cronos’ strategic focus on building an international distribution platform by partnering with existing industry leaders.”

Cronos Group has so far achieved quite much in the line of business and its success in line with the establishment of its presence across four continents is commendable. It has been praised by market observers who are pleased about the fact that the company continues expanding its business operations and as a result serving more customers.

Working to improve the consumer experience


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At the top of its priorities is the establishment of industry leading companies that will in a major way end up transforming the perception of cannabis in a rather responsible way. There is need to take the consumer experience a notch higher and the company is taking this with much seriousness.

Through the development of disruptive intellectual property as well as the building an international iconic brand portfolio, Cronos Group will be laying down the foundation for its future success.

The state of affairs at the moment

The changes being experienced currently are necessary especially at this moment in time when business dynamics tend to be shifting pretty fast as a result of a number of factors, technological advancement being one of them.

Anyone following closely on the latest developments will attest top the fact that Canadian legal marijuana industry has been booming and apparently there is still more to come according to sources. It is easy to tell that more so considering the move by the Senate and House of Commons to pass bill C-45 rather decisively.

The sales are with the passage of time scaling higher and higher with growers being encouraged to expand their production as much as they can in order to be able to serve the rising demand and generate higher revenues.