Smart Cannabis Corp, (OTCMKTS:SCNA) has been featured in an in-depth interview of Vice President Don Smith in Superb Crew and it unveils the direction of the company’s intended growth.

The cannabis industry has received an overwhelming market acceptance over the past few years thereby attracting more entrepreneurs into the supplementary companies aiming to tap revenues from playing intermediary roles in the process

Smart cannabis Corp for instance was set up with the main intention of taking advantage over the agricultural technological industries involving organic leafy farming and the expansive cannabis market.

The company’s main aim is to strategically establish itself through introduction of innovative agricultural technologies to the top companies in the sector from which it has acquired stakes or has entered into joint agreements with.

It has introduced a technological application that aims to meet the unique needs of its product audience thereby increasing productivity and maintaining higher security status with an automated management theory.

With a projected growth in the cannabis industry, various companies are rushing to invest in the companies that had been undervalued in the sector thereby increasing their capitation base in the markets


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SinglePoint Inc. (OTCMKTS:SING), is one among the companies who have signed to take up stakes in the Carlifonia cannabis cultivation MTH development group.

MTH currently operates more than 4 acres of land on cannabis cultivations with its main focus on leasing its properties to licensed cannabis cultivators within the region having been a seasoned investor in the sector.

SinglePoint aims to expand its operations through acquiring more companies with a continued technological support to this companies. Being the first investment in the sector, it aims to test its new technologies while validating their systems.

With the continued legalization of cannabis, markets are beginning to open up and more companies are taking the opportunity to capitalize in the sector. They also aim to start being involved in growing the plant and provision of concentrates for edibles.

E-commerce having dominated the modern business arena, many technological companies have been seen to be the most dominant in rushing towards this investments with an aim of bringing in new agritech ventures that seek to aid the companies build their portfolios.