According to an analysis that was made in the last quarter ending in December 31, it revealed that T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS)‘s had a superior quarter, achieving strong customer retention, and a very good percentage of new customer gains. It actually took the first place among its competitors in gaining new customers. While in lost customers, it’s still inferior to AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ). However, overall numbers state that it has the highest growth rate among its competitors with sprint being the lowest. And the boosted number of gained customers was a result of offering lower priced plans. And it was stated by T-Mobile that they managed to add 2.1 million customers, 1.3 million of them actually joined in the last quarter of 2016. And as per the CEO, John Legere, who stated that they’re not only gaining new customers, but they’re keeping the current ones.

T-Mobile actually issues a huge salary raise to Mike Sievert, the Chief Operating Officer, to a total of nearly $10 million in 2017, and that’s like double his compensation in 2015 which was $5.6 million. This agreement has been issued on Feb 17. Mike actually deserved this raise since he was the young rebellious fellow that joined T-mobile in 2012, right before the failed Sprint Corp. merger in 2013. He was introduced then as the Chief Marketing Officer. His campaign was awesome; he transformed the company into a younger and a cooler wireless provider.

We are expecting T-Mobile to begin a merger, and it’s most likely to be Sprint, since John Legere said in one speech that the company will no longer be a standalone entity.

And as a thank you gift, T-Mobile decides to gift their customers the most amazing gift they could ever get from any provider. They’re offering an extra line as a gift to the current customers on March 1, and it’s UNLIMITED. Literally, every customer with two voice lines will get a third one free stated John Legere, as a way of giving communication facilities to families. Customers can use it for an extra phone line, or for tablets or other wearables. So T-Mobile customers will be having 3 lines for the price of $100 starting March.