Verisk Analytics Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSK) has publicly declared that 3E, one of its division will work alongside SAP for the purposes of the expansion project of its cloud based regulatory.

The purpose of the deal

The deal will help enhance the ease with which the safety of the company’s products, harmful products and scientific content will be accessible to clients through the cloud. This will lead to a smooth integration of the cloud technology with SAP environment, Health and Safety systems (EHS).

Details of the alliance

The collaboration will allow the customers aligned to SAP to have an easy time accessing 3E’s Ariel content and thus allow the cloud to maximize data the delivery of data and its maintenance. Customers will also enjoy the benefits of reliable and updated scientific and regulatory information. This kind of information will result to enhanced management skills, data storage and optimal decisions support system. The 3E’s will yield the goals of expanded customer base and improved services extending in to the future.

Functions of the 3E’s

The main functions of the 3E’s mainly include researching, acquiring data, aggregating the data, verifying, enriching global regulatory and compliance data and thus ensuring the processed information is readily available to customers. The alliance with SAP will allow 3E’s clients to identify with the complex health and safety requirements in a more proactive and cost effective manner.

Benefits to customers

3E’s Ariel clients will be in a position to easily and quickly load data to the SAP property tree. They will also come in handy in aiding 3E improve the way it serves its customer base as well as their services. The alliance between 3E and SAP will help clients have access to faster and easier rotational tracking and analysis in the cloud. Therefore the customers can make reliable decisions concerning their business in a more efficient and precise manner.

Company’s expectations

Verisk the parent company of 3E is listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange forum. It underperformed Zack’s categorized Business Services with an average decline of 2.7% compared to 2.8% gain for the latter in the last 30 days. Verisk currently holds #3 (Hold) Zack’s rank. Hopefully, the alliance will lead to more positive results.


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