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What’s “The October Surprise”?

Data has been compiled over 100 years of information on the markets and there is a large change in the historical records. So there isn’t a real guarantee that Wall Street in October this year will see above average volatility but there’s a good chance based on history. Keeping this in mind, you may want to at least be prepared…Read Full Story For More

How Apple Has Changed The Phone Market

With the expectation of Apple’s iPhone 8 release coming later this year, the price is expected to hit above $1,000. This is a game changer for the smartphone as previously phones has never surpassed the 1k mark. So how is Apple getting people to pay that outrageous amount of money for a phone?… Find Out More

Lithium Heading Higher

Monday (10-2) continued to see Lithium extend after its previous consolidation and that could mean big things to come for the sector as a whole! The chart on the Lithium ETF has started to curl back toward the sky and now Junior Lithium Miners, one in particular, could be ready to ride the wave is…Read Full Article Now


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