Just like any other company Cisco Systems, Inc.(NASDAQ:CSCO) has had its low moments. However, it is now at a level that has left many of its investors in awe.  The company’s so-so second-quarter fiscal of 2017 had stock climb 4%. This has resulted in the market shifting its focus into seeking what Cisco is doing right.

Nonetheless, the company is moving from the standard reliance on legacy hardware to embrace the software and cyber security. These are among the solutions that the up-and-coming markets are unveiling.

Cisco has a new product for the midsize businesses

Firepower 2100 series firewall is the latest product from Cisco. The company refers to it as the next-generation firewall (NGFW). It is more or less the kind of data security solution that majority of midsize businesses would be inclined to. It is fully integrated and could also be said to be a threat-focused next-generation firewall.

Clearly, there are all indications that Cisco is not particularly focusing on enhancing the firewall. Instead, it has a bigger interest in the traffic that goes through the firewall. Nevertheless, regardless of all the inclinations of Cisco’s, it is still likely that the company would make much more with the data security.

Speculations indicate that cyber security solutions will spend not less than $1 trillion between now and 2021.

But the Cisco has a new hardware for virtual functions

Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) has been revamped with two extensions. One of them is a hardware platform and virtual network functions (VNFs). The company will also be rolling out help to enterprises as they strive to have the connectivity of their network perimeter to both private and public cloud.


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Cisco’s senior marking manager, Kiran Ghodgaonkar outlines that customers are always looking for additional services to what they already have. If not this, they could be looking for connectivity options.  There is so much value into DNA given its ability to deploy network services. It now remains to be seen what other development Cisco is likely to unveil.

Meanwhile, Cisco’s stock closed at $34.03 a decline of $0.06 or 0.16%.