Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is working to develop a new and improved customer service operation system. The company is now out to tackle one of the biggest customer nightmare-guessing the arrival of Comcast truck.

The Philadelphia-based company rolled out the new feature throughout the country over the weekend after successful testing in Boston.  The Xfinity My Account app will have will now have Uber-like features which will enable customers see the photo and name of the Comcast technician and track the technician’s location in good time before arrival.

Comcast Cable’s executive vice president of customer experience in a blog post said the company is reducing the appointment windows from 4 to 2 hours and is working hard to get to the customer within few minutes after appointment. He adds that the company closed 2016 with a whopping 97% on-time arrival rate and their goal will to be get above this.

Tech ETA comes at a time when the company is rolling out a mult-year development plan aimed at improving its customer care experience which in the recent years has been a subject of criticism which made the company ranked the worst on Consumerist’s annual list. The media company has however initiated changes in a bid to improve customer experience moving forward.

During the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting last fall, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts addressed the matter disapproving the company’s rating in regards to awful perception of the company’s customer service. He added that the company is has since made customer service its “best product” in a bid to salvage it image. Roberts said he has mandated the team that developed the  next-generation X1 cable box to increase the company’s subscriber numbers in the next 10 years to take customer experience docket.  He added that the company’s move is to initiate a whole new mind set noting that the investment is already bearing fruits as a number of customers are starting to appreciate the changes.  The company had to change its viewpoint to align with its goals.


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