Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg say the social media giant is working on a new policy framework that will enable users individual content policies. But for what sceptics could term as crashing into controversies, this shift is no different from the ‘community standards’ that have been in existence for years.

In a long blog post titled ‘Building a global community’, Zuckerberg Facebook will soon allow users to have an open opinion important matters like graphic content, violence nudity among others. Users will from time to time asked to give their opinion on such matters and the responses given will be the user’s personal settings. For users who will not make a choices, the default will be the responses given by majority of users who share a selected region. This however comes with an option to update your personal settings when need be.

According to Zuckerberg Facebook will only take down content that is most objectionable. Users will only have options to restrict content they din unfit for themselves. He adds that the new method will help minimize restrictions on what is shared.

Sceptics have however weighed in arguing the move is an indication that the current community standards are unable to automatically filter out potentially problematic content. They argue that the current in-house standards are unable to iron out all small but bald-faced fakeries. Many have questioned the move with some saying it is a move for Facebook to scheme on personal data. Facebook is accused of what many refer to as profiling of users for purposes of advertising hence any additional information collected through the ‘content threshold setting’ may be used to fresh out user profiles for targeted advertising.

Additionally Facebook has installed an almost leak-free tracking system and machine learning algorithms classing content basing on individual inferences may be a matter of contention.

Facebook user can ask for information regarding their personal data held by Facebook but many argue that the list given is always narrow given the sophisticated methods Facebook employees in tracking share content.


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