Technology remains fertile ground for young companies to try their hands at putting new tech solutions on the market. That means investors will find plenty of penny tech stocks to choose from but that also means investors need to choose wisely in order to find the next sleeping giant in tech.

With that, public markets are offering huge opportunity for investors to start right at the ground-floor but unfortunately there are still many tech companies who remain private. But now there may be a way for investors to capitalize on the successes of may novel, private tech start-ups by focusing on the public companies that are helping them grow through incubator and accelerator programs.

Let’s ask this question: What’s the better path to success: be part of a group or go at it alone? For many entrepreneurs in the tech space, being part of something larger has helped them get their businesses off the ground more quickly and smoothly. Ultimately, an incubator can be the perfect bridge to make the big step from idea to execution.

One of the biggest benefits of being part of an incubator is the ability to tap into a strong network of business partners. A powerhouse network can also be beneficial from a public relations perspective. There is only so much you can do as a startup with a limited marketing and PR budget, and being part of a group of companies can helped gain traction and step into the spotlight.

Digital Arts Media Network (DATI) Is Giving Investors The Edge At Real Wealth Drivers, One Company At A Time & The Street Is Just Starting To Take Notice!

Just think about the first big tech boom back in the dot com age. Millionaires were minted overnight in multiple cases. If you bought about $1,000 of Google stock — about 11.76 shares — at the IPO price in 2004, then you’d have about $18,522 today. If you’d invested $10,000, then you’d have $185,384.53, a gain of $175,384…that’s an eye popping 1,752.94% change, or about 18.5x.

In today’s technology climate, the “go it alone” strategy is a thing of the past and now investors can have exposure to multiple successes by focusing on incubators & accelerators. In fact, these types of companies have been responsible for launching some of today’s most infamous “unicorns,” like Reddit, Dropbox, and Airbnb.


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They have become a major player in the current startup landscape, taking credit for one third of all 2015 US startups that raised Series A capital. Competition to be included among the accelerators’ elite, and companies like TechStars, is fierce, due to the mentoring support they provide and investor attention they attract.

But now DATI has found a way to tap into this elite circle and offer something that could create a paradigm shift for the traditional incubator, which could translate into massive upside potential for those looking at the company before the shift happens.

Digital Arts Media Network (DATI) is unique within this niche space. The company’s ability to become an ‘add-on’ to top tier accelerators such as Techstars, Angelpad, Y Combinator, StartX and 500 Startups allows them to accelerate capital investment into startups. DATI provides angel investors with a hedge against their private equity investments instead of simply trying to fund and mentor startups. This provides a value-add to the entire startup community.

The Technology Tipping Point, Realized

Technology Incubator stocks
Until now, investing in well-vetted accelerator portfolio companies was almost entirely exclusive to angel investors with deep pockets. These investments were locked for years, given the amount of time it takes for ROI to mature.

Angel investors aligned with leading accelerators to gather the cream of the startup crop, and then brought entrepreneurs together with venture capitalists as mentors. This limited risk, giving the startup expert guidance in its early stages, and investors the chance to oversee developments.

Technological advancements have allowed media, internet, gaming and communication companies to achieve greater values today, higher than ever before, and at faster rates. There are a multitude of start-ups, investment interest is extraordinary, and   high-value, high-growth   success is attainable. However, as Mark Zuckerberg noted, “We live in a world where talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.”

Through DATI, smaller investors can join the same investment pool as larger backers, funding the same well-vetted startups, and making the same kind of returns, according to the company; breaking with the traditional elitist investment model. Furthermore, DATI sees potential for quicker ROI compared to traditional and what some would call, outdated accelerator programs.

Typical accelerators usually have private investors who need to wait as much as ten years before their investment matured to liquidity. During that time they had no choice but to wait and see if their investment proved to be a success. But now DATI’s public incubator accelerator takes away much of this liquidity risk.

“The investment community has never been a space for all people, until now. True access to wealth and financial prosperity through investments has never been within arm’s reach for the majority of people in this country… finally, microcap investors will… have the confidence they’re investing in solid teams and technologies.” – Ruben Porras, a Techstars Alum, Co-Chief Architect of PAI and Board Advisor to DATI,

The Public Accelerator-Incubator not only effectively offers solutions to multiple investor types, but also resolves many of the challenges shared by startup ventures and high-growth development companies – both private and within the microcap markets.

The Shark Mentality

technology shark tank

Breaking it down, simply, the show, “Shark Tank,” can explain this easiest. The Sharks take an equity stake in the companies to act as advisors in most cases. They do not take the position of acting CEO or manage the day-to-day.

DATI’s incubator/accelerator platform serves a similar role. By focusing on equity stake in successful start-ups, DATI potentially benefits from its equity value growing, which can then translate into the public markets as building stronger shareholder value.

By giving angel investors quick access to investment liquidity, Mom-and-Pop investors a chance at success they’ve never had before, and startups access to a more profitable capital model, this is one innovational platform that could change the way start up investment is handled.

DATI’s model could offer investors the ability to diversify, maximize success, easily see money at work, and access liquidity.  This, while mitigating the oncoming risk bubble and giving the startup and microcap communities another, more conducive, platform for growth.

It Comes Down To Timing

Word has just started to get out on DATI and the market has just begun to buzz. In fact, during the second quarter of this year, DATI caught serious attention when a columnist from specifically highlighted its PAI model! The timing of this could be critical especially considering that the landscape for tech start-ups has been trending at a feverish pace.

DATI has flipped the incubator industry on its head but opening the doors, allowing access by more than just “elite angels”. On top of this, there are few opportunities for the public to take advantage of any incubator, let alone one who’s working to change the face of the way an industry does business. For these reasons, right now could be one of the most important times to have DATI on your watch-list!


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