ZeniMax Media Inc, which is one of the leading video game publishers, filed a lawsuit against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and the ruling was made on its favor. The $500 million verdict was a big blur to Facebook Inc’s virtual reality unit as well as to the founders. They were found guilty of having breached the law by moving forward to copy computer codes without its authorization.

Facebook Inc purchased Oculus for $2 billion dollars. It made the announcement in March and it added to say that regulators had approved the deal making it the legible owner of this virtual reality. The FCC’s anti-trust team also thought of the deal as credible one.

The company in a joint statement said that it looked forward an exciting future that would enable the building of the next computing platform. Facebook Inc’s CEO looked forward into a future that would see the company join hands with Oculus to spearhead the development of products. Oculus was supposed to operate independently within Facebook. Formulating partnerships to support more games was a step towards the right direction according to the CEO. Facebook over the years has been looking forward to an instance where gamers would move beyond merely flying space ships. The real deal for instance would be for visitors to be able to reinvent meetings, engage in social events and do messaging.

Technological advancement is one of the best things the current generation is enjoying.By creating and designing top-notch games, video game publishers are able to link up gamers with the immersive virtual reality/world. It is an exciting experience which is both adults and kids can take advantage of. For children playing video games helps build of their creativity as well as learning.

ZeniMax online studios are renowned globally for their remarkable skills and expertise in coming up with multiplayer online games. The company believes in empowering and inspiring its world-class designers as well as developers. It dreams of a time when the developers and designers will be able to create the best immersive gaming experiences. However, it strongly criticizes and fights the move by Facebook Inc.


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