JD.Com Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:JD) has entered into a tripartite agreement with  Zebra Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ZBRA) and Digital china. The main aim of the merger is to come up with a joint laboratory for carrying out research and development in e-commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The alliance

Zebra is a worldwide giant in provision of solutions and services that enable enterprises to access real time visibility into their activities. Jingdong and Zebra are listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange while Digital China is listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The alliance was officiated by Bing Fu, the vice president of JD.Com and head of logistics planning and development in Jingdong Mall, Eddie Wu Zebra Technologies general manager in Greater China, Digital China’s associate president and Jun Yan the general manager of IoT in Digital China

Celebrating the first milestone

The alliance celebrated the first milestone with the establishment of E-commerce and IoT logistics lab in Beijing Shunyi district at a pilot warehouse owned by JD.com. Zebra and Digital China together provided the innovative transport and logistics. These includes mobile devices, barcode printers and barcode scanners. This allowed real time visibility into the operations.

The main aim of the research lab

The research lab is established under a common aim of creating a practical research platform that brings together a pool of the best resources, practices and skills in management of logistics, data collection, cloud computing, machine vision and the IoT. The facility will assist the alliance in carrying out research and development, implementation of prototypes, testing and evaluation and application demonstrations hence setting pace for the next generation results in logistics.

The objectives of key research areas

With the results, JD.Com will be in a position to harness innovative technologies and solutions to boost its capabilities further in logistics services and also enhance efficiency and productivity. This will help enhance customer’s retail experience. The key research areas targets to enhance productivity of the current picking and packing operations by use of mobile devices. Another target is to look for ability of machine vision and data analytics in the sector of logistics.


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