Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has released another distasteful film known as Mute that was directed by Duncan Jones who previously has had other two incredible genres, the Moon and Source Code and Warcraft films that enticed fans across the world. According to industry analysts, Mute is a terrible science-fiction film. The movie is confusing, boring and a total mess altogether, which raises the questions on the Netflix’s strategic role in the content production of its creators.

One of the major shortcomings in the film is that the main character is incredibly boring and doesn’t bring out his role clearly. Furthermore, the film setting is not properly developed and does not look like a real sci-fi movie. Though the film has a few actions here and there, it doesn’t openly come out as an action movie either.

Nevertheless, Jones, through his Twitter account, thanked his fans for their great support despite the negative reviews about his latest movie production, which have increasingly raised concern on the role of Netflix in the film production, which should always strive to improve the quality of the film. However, some people have indicated that there are always ‘studio interferences’ that hinders the creators from focusing on their own original film scripts.

Meanwhile, Netflix has announced the production of the first Arabic series from the Middle East known as the Jinn, which will feature the talents from the Middle East and it’s set to be launched before end of the year. The movie will be produced by Elan and Rajeev Dassani together with Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya from Lebanon, and Bassel Ghandour, a screenwriter from Jordan.

Jinn is a movie-drama about the modern supernatural teenage boy that reveals some young Arabic characters. Accoding to Chaaya, the film is a great opportunity to unveil the Arab youth in unique ways and it’s full of original scenes. The film would be the second that Netflix is producing in the region. The first movie project in the Arabic world is the upcoming comedy is the Live from Beirut by Adel Karam, which is due on March 1st 2018.


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