As we’re sure you know by now, there is a brand new alert on the way. We’ve been talking about this and hinting at it for quite some time. Tomorrow, March 13, 2018 we will finally be delivering our first big alert of the year!

If you’re just joining us, you’re right on time because our members are coming off of one of the biggest winners that we’ve ever seen! In fact our last alert, which was in the lithium-mining sector made a move of over 370%.

last alert

We alerted it to our members right around $0.40 and watched it climb to nearly $2 during a period that the company was just beginning to “hit the ground running”! But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this sector of electric vehicles and renewable power!

In fact the “lithium” part of the equation is one of the smallest pieces of the puzzle! Elon Musk himself said that lithium makes up just a very small part of actual lithium-ion batteries. One of the bigger components of these renewable power plants is cobalt, believe it or not and right now the increased demand to produce more power sources for the growing electric vehicle market means that it will be one of the hottest industries to watch.

Why Cobalt? We’ll tell you & let you decide!

The battery industry currently uses 42% of global cobalt production, a critical metal for Lithium-ion cells. The remaining 58% is used in diverse industrial and military applications (super alloys, catalysts, magnets, pigments…) that rely exclusively on the material.


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Some are even calling it the “blue gold” of the energy industry and this rare metal is critical to Apple and Tesla’s Future. In fact, some are expecting to see a serious shortage of cobalt supply in the near future, which creates a strong economic argument to demand higher prices for the bluish-white metal.

“There just isn’t enough cobalt to go around,” George Heppel, a CRU consultant, told Bloomberg, “The auto companies that’ll be the most successful in maintaining long-term stability in terms of raw materials will be the ones that purchase the cobalt and then supply that to their battery manufacturers.”

Automakers aren’t the only ones with this idea. Bloomberg reported that Apple, the world’s largest end user of cobalt, is in talks to buy the metal directly from miners!

As Promised, We Deliver The Goods Tomorrow!

Consider this the final countdown. The numerous emails we’ve sent over the last few days, the updates put out to our text subscribers…it all leads to us delivering the goods and our first BIG ALERT of the year on a company that is right in the middle of one of the biggest booms in history!

Pay close attention in the morning and make sure you subscribe for immediate updates on our text list by texting the word “REPORT” to 474747, now!