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Is Lithium Setting Up For Its Next Boom?

During September, 99.5% lithium carbonate China spot prices were up 2.87%, and are up 20.07% over the past year.Bloomberg Technology reported: “Picking electric car winners is BlackRock’s key mining challenge. Blackrock’s Hambro sees large demand growth for EV materials.“The biggest theme over the next 10 or 15 years of investing is going to be getting right the transition away from the combustion vehicle towards EVs,” Evy Hambro, who manages BlackRock Inc.’s World Mining Fund, said in a Bloomberg TV interview and now could be the Age Of Lithium, how will you take advantage of it?…Read Full Article Now

The Race to See Who Will Get the Next Chair in the Fed

During the interesting year of 2017 to say the least, the current race to take the Fed chair is equally interesting. With the most likely candidate to replace Janet Yellen’s seat as someone who will likely have the complete opposite of ideologies, it appears as though this race will be quite interesting. On the other side of this is the possibility that Yellen could end up replacing herself after her six months left in office expire…Read Full Story For More

The Economics of Harvey and Irma


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According to Moody’s Chief Mark Zandi, their $200 billion dollar estimate could potentially change as more information is gotten from the scenes of these natural disasters. There is a possibility that damages could reach another $20-$30 billion in lost economic output from the storms. Due to this, Moody’s took off a range of half a point to 2.5 points for its third quarter gross domestic product forecast… Find Out More

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