It is a well-known fact, that currently, china has one of the most severe cases of air-pollution. It is so extreme there, that citizens are required to wear masks when they walk outside of their homes. Due to this level of pollution, Chinese governments have issued new regulations to the citizens of the country, in order to try to diminish the level of pollution.

Although, this is terrible. It does give the United States, a golden opportunity, if taken correctly. It is expected that if the United States continues the construction of liquefied natural gas (in short LNG), the country will reap great benefits from China’s pollution crisis.

The level of pollution throughout China and steps the government is taking to diminish it

There are various affiliate sites, which describes the gravity of the situation. In fact, the smog caused by the air pollution, in this winter alone, is causing a high-level of health related problems amongst other issues.

In a vain attempt to protect children’s health, children in schools are not permitted to go play outside. The smog is allegedly so dense, that it almost acts like a mist, making traffic and driving situations perilous to the citizens throughout the country.

The Chinese government has realized the risk that this pollution can cause to the citizens of the country. Though it may be late, various factories in various industries are being shut down, in an attempt to diminish the pollution. Factories involved in steel, cement, and glass are a few examples, which are being shut down.


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How this can benefit the United States

Although, it may sound sinister to consider how a country can reap rewards from another’s suffering. In this case, through benefitting China, the United States will also become more economically stable. The main problem is that 70 percent of all electricity in China is generated by coal, while the countries sustainable energy development has somewhat lagged behind.

This is where the United States can step in, and potentially save the country. As U.S is equipped with an abundant source of renewable energy and cleaner burning power. Similar to that of the OPEC oil exports, through exporting U.S natural gas, there will be an abundance of foreign wealth invested into the country.