Small projects have their magnitude of importance according to Nokia Corp (ADR)(NYSE:NOK). However, the company emphasizes that the development of an overarching strategy is of greater significance. Australia is notably facing capability gaps in its endeavor to win in the technologically disrupted future. Nonetheless, the country is likely to benefit from Nokia agenda of building smart cities.

The framework will be concentrating on helping regions design and procure services that will manage the smart city concept. Remember, the better part of the world is now moving towards digitalization and according to a report from Nokia, Australia should now be embracing a new world of cities.

Let’s explore Nokia’s new six-point framework

For a very long time cities have put more focus on the achievement of few small projects.  Nokia Oceania CTO Warren Lemmens says that the implementation of a city-wide program is just but an imagination. Australia may be ahead in other projects the likes of mining and agricultural but it is still lagging in embracing smart cities, which will bring forth a digital economy.

Nokia now wants to undo this with its new six-point framework, which involves the formulation of a new federal program for innovation. It will mainly incorporate government, businesses, academia, and startups.

Lemmens argues, “A digital fabric of a city is essential for the future of the city, as opposed to just a series of incidental projects.”

 Australia has a clear opportunity to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies


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Innovation has been raised high as a priority to every nation for purposes of being part of fundamental changes. Smarter cities have continuous innovation and Australia is well positioned to take advantage of millions of devices, and objects available to enhance processes.

Nonetheless, the federal government should also be able to identify the tangible framework and implementation of smarter cities. Cities need a standard City Digital Platform and an innovative ecosystem that will help the country rise above its global economic levels. Enhanced software applications and services will also be a plus in addressing particular problems.