Dr. Zoltan Mari, a nationally acclaimed expert in Parkinson’s disease research and treatment has accepted an invitation to the Scientific Advisory Board at GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX).

The company has expressed its joy in welcoming Dr. Mari to the Scientific Advisory Board which was relaunched recently. Dr. Mari is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at the University of Nevada and a scholar of the Lee Pascal Parkinson’s Disease at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. He also oversees the Nevada Movement Disorders Program at the same clinic in Cleveland. Dr. Mari’s acceptance of the invitation by GB Sciences means he is willing to offer his expertise in the therapy program for Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Zoltan was the executive in charge of the Director of the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Center which is located at the Johns Hopkins University before he relocated to Las Vegas last year. He also held down the role of director at the National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence in the same university.

“By accepting our invitation to join, Dr. Mari brings world-class experience in the clinical study of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders to GB Sciences’ Scientific Advisory Board,” stated Dr. Andrea Small Howard, the Chief Science Officer at GB Sciences.

Dr. Howard also pointed out that Dr. Mari will be a great addition to the team because he has similar ideals to those of GB Sciences. For example, both believe that patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease should have access to individualized treatment options under the supervision of highly-trained medical professionals.

Meanwhile, GB Sciences is also working on boosting the production of vital medical components from various strains of cannabis. Once the company is able to maximize the production of these critical raw materials, it will then have the capacity to provide the base materials that are used to make proprietary medical formulations that are based on cannabis. Such a breakthrough will elevate cannabis-based medical solutions to the same level as traditional medical solutions. This has been a far-fetched task for the entire industry which is why it will be quite a significant win if GB Sciences manages to achieve it.


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GB Sciences stock closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.81.