Large-brand companies, such as Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) have been extensively pushing the development, and research into self-driving vehicles, in order to be closest to the first, in releasing this new form of autonomous technology.

However, despite the intensity that Ford has been placing into the development of their own autonomous vehicle project, the company has still announced that they have a phobia of sorts, where self-driving vehicles are concerned.

Why self-driving cars seem to intimidate Ford

Ford’s fear of these autonomous vehicles, is not what one would expect from a corporate giant. The fear is rather that of public concern, which many admire. This has also driven the company, to take a different approach to the development of their self-driving vehicle projects.

In a statement, CEO Mark Fields explained Ford’s phobia, he stated, “The term autonomous vehicles is just thrown out so liberally in this industry. I mean, there are five levels of autonomy. My only fear in the industry is somebody tries to come out with one of those (self-driving cars) before it’s ready and there is an event.”

This illustrates, the company’s affection, and assurance that the company will be working diligently to ensure that not only are the car’s ready by the appointed time but also that they are consumer-safe.

More details about Ford’s autonomous fleet

The first thing to note about the autonomous fleet, which Ford is currently in the process of developing, is that the company is anticipating its release by 2021. This release will be for commercial sharing purposes, including that of ride-sharing.


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Additionally, another reason why Ford is unique against its competitors in autonomous vehicle development is due to the fact that unlike every other company, Ford is developing an autonomous level four fleet.

The majority of competition is only working on an autonomous level three fleet. The company explained, that they were rolling this level of autonomy to ensure easy access for human and AI when it comes to controlling the vehicle.