Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) announced recently that the company would be looking to invest over $200 million in a wind tunnel project, which seems to be a heavy investment, even for the automobile giant.

However, this wind tunnel is just one part of a new facility, which the company is intending to open. The facility will focus mainly on the testing and production of high-performance race vehicles. According to people familiar with the matter, the wind tunnels will be designed to improve the fuel efficiency of said vehicles.

More details about the upcoming Ford facility

The facility, which will be integrated with the wind tunnel, as well as various other simulation equipment, will be located in Allen Park, in Michigan. The company revealed some of the simulation equipment, which it would be integrating into this new test centre, one piece of which, is a five-belt conveyor system, designed to replicate real-world drag.

Depending on the different ways, in which the belt is implemented, the company announced that for its normal cars, the belt is capable of handling speeds around 155 Mph. However, for the cases, where the company wishes to test its higher-performance vehicles, the belt can meet speeds that exceed 200 Mph.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that the vehicles, which Ford releases are operational under any circumstance, the new centre will also be equipped with a climatic chamber, which is capable of differential heat. The temperatures would range from between -40 degrees Fahrenheit (low) to a 140 degrees Fahrenheit (high).

The reason behind said facility

However, this centre is more of a symbolism for the struggle that various companies have to endure with tightening regulations, revolving around vehicle emissions, making it necessary for automobile companies to ensure that vehicles, which are released are as environmentally stable as possible.


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