Dollar Approaching 10-Week Highs; Sterling Rebounding

On Monday, the dollar approached its highest level in ten weeks. Sterling was the largest mover amongst developed-market currencies, recovering around 0.9 percent. In the beginning of 2017, the dollar reached 14-year highs, but since then has continued to fall due to frail economic data and uncertainties over President Trump’s ability to advocate tax reforms…Read Full Story For More

Will This Lithium Stock Make New Highs This Week?

With the Lithium ETF making 6 year highs already this year, the current trend could suggest that the best may be yet to come. With that in mind, the markets are turning toward junior miners tor potential and…Read Full Article Now

Oil Prices Steady After OPEC Signals Further Action

After one of the most bearish weeks in months, oil prices stabilized on Monday supported by OPEC remarks of the probability of additional actions to bring back market balance. Oil production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico resumed production after Hurricane Nate had halted over 90 percent of crude output in that area. The regeneration kept price increases stable…Read Full Article Now