Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) the well-known and distinguished cannabis entity in the United States commended the passage of medical pot developments across the nation. It has turned to be the largest electoral triumph for marijuana revolution in last few years. Initially, it was only Washington and Colorado that supported recreational marijuana.

On the historic U.S. election day, the market saw California’s Proposition 64 passed, stating California to be the largest state to sanction marijuana for recreational purpose. The law, formally named the ‘Adult Use of Marijuana Act’, lets people age 21 and older own up to ‘1’ ounce of marijuana flower or maximum ‘8’ grams of cannabis concentrates.

It also agrees the personal cultivation of maximum 6 marijuana flowers and the industrial manufacture of hemp. The market of recreational use in California is predicted to touch $35 billion in next 4 years. It is computed depending on the economic progression estimates in Colorado.

Additionally, Nevada and Massachusetts voters have supported recreational marijuana use in their respective states, while North Dakota, Florida and Arkansas, sanctioned medical pot initiatives. The total legal marijuana market for the new supporting states is estimated over $2 billion. For this year, it is projected to cross $7 billion and it is valued at over $40 billion by 2020. The firm said that it welcomes other marijuana legalization reform initiatives.

Dr. Stuart Titus, the CEO of Medical Marijuana, reported that this broad passage of cannabis restructuring turns to be a key triumph for the cannabis industry. Electorates have decided and they have made it apparent that they are set for cannabis reorganization.

California proposition 64 consent is a gain for the company, as it is where Medical Marijuana is based and for the flourishing cannabis market, the budding division in the U.S. The firm encourages access to all CBDs, counting THC, as they identify the impending medical and social advantages in the cannabis plant’s properties.


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The CEO mentioned that this new legalization will expand access to cannabis and place a break of the confinement of non-violent and low-level drug delinquents. It is an exhilarating time to be involved in the cannabis business and hence the firm will continue advocating cannabis reform, educating legislators and consultants on the rewards of cannabinoids and formulating goods that can constantly and safely offer consumers with the CBDs they search for.