Last year was quite tough for Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) since it faced a lot of changes, some of which compelled it to change its policies. Sheryl Sandberg is a trusted official working with the business guru and it was just recently when he came out to openly challenge the various Wall Street guys. The challenge posed was for all of them to be better mentors for women, a matter that has become the topic of discussion for many around the globe.

Facebook CFO Dave Wehner and Sandberg attended an interview on Wednesday in San Francisco and people present had different opinions, some saying that it sounded like the typical Facebook earnings call.

Towards the end of the livestreamed interview, Sandberg proceeded to mention the #MeToo movement which had much to do with the way male colleagues and superiors engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. The official called out for change though she thought it would be inappropriate for it to turn out to be a scenario where male executives would proceeded to avoid the female colleagues altogether.

She said that for over quite some time she has been worrying about what she perceives as a backlash or a possible negative impact. She acknowledged that there were a lot of special men running a large number of companies and big firms .She said that those ones could be entrusted with making a great difference if they chose to.

Sandberg made a close reference to a research she conducted in which she discovered a significant number of men were expressing unwillingness to either take meetings with female colleagues or even travel with them following the #MeToo movement. They reserved fear of being alone with the females and what that could ensue.

Sandberg insisted on the need for the various leaders to focus at ensuring that access was equal in their respective firms. She said that what was crucial at the moment was the establishment of an equal share of attention and time. According to him, that was what steered women into those roles they desired.


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