Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has made a statement outlining that it will soon be unveiling a new feature that will make it possible for its users to move ahead and save tweets in a private section of the app. This comes as great news to most of its users who are excited by the fact that they will be in a position to find the tweets later on when they need them.

The new feature goes by the name Bookmarks and it is a new dawn for users since from now moving forward they will be able to save all of those articles that they need to read later .Most of them move through the platform coming across a lot of videos but lack the time to watch them. Saving the videos is good for them since they will later on open the videos and watch them when they have all the time.

For a number of years it has remained to be a popular request feature and it is crucial to outline that that is not only for those at Recode. The first time that the company made this particular announcement was in the pervious year. It informed its users that it had plans underway to come up with Bookmarks and looking at matters it has lived up to the promise it made.

One notable thing is the fact that over a long period of time people have remained more inclined to using workarounds to save tweets including hearting/”Liking” tweets since that made it a lot much easier to trace them later own. Others chose to send them to themselves either through email or as a direct message. One outstanding thing in the whole mix is the fact that the two options proved to be rather inefficient.

A much closer outlook at the scheme of things brings to mind the question on whether or not Bookmarks is the kind of feature that will pull along with a significant impact on Twitter’s user growth or revenue. The reality of the matter is that it won’t.


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