Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been quite a vibrant and dynamic company especially in the recent years which has seen it rise through the ranks to become one of the industry leaders. It account which from the look seems closely linked to Milo Yiannopoulos has lately been promoting an upcoming appearance by the controversial provocateur set for May.

This particular account, currently operating under the handle, “@DANGER0USFAGG0T,” showcases itself as the former Breitbart editor that had earlier on been officially banned from twitter.

The account’s biography reads, “Feminism is Cancer. Will probably get banned unless I say I’m not Milo, so I’m not Milo. Even then I’ll probably still get banned.”

This particular account comprised of a picture of Yiannopoulos,,a banner that says “5-5-17” —which happens to be the supposed date of his “comeback tour”, and a pinned tweet that was connected to a video uploaded by the YouTube handle “yiannopoulosm,”

Some top news reporters confronted one of Twitters top executives with the hope of drawing a comment from him regarding the veracity of the account. It was in vain since he did not cooperate. He openly declined to make a comment regarding the matter for reasons best known to him.

The content of the account’s tweets comprises of mostly offensive and at times conservative tweets most of them linked to the alt-right movement.


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One of the tweets read out like this, “Because Islamic terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam, when they shout, Allahu Akbar, Trump made me do it”

This account, most probably created somewhere around March 2017, at the moments boasts of about 462 tweets and 1,500 followers.

The reason behind the banning of Yiannopoulos from twitter was due to its violating twitter’s terms of service in July 2016 and to be more precise, it had violated rules pertaining to the targeted abuse of the different individual users.

Earlier on, Yiannopoulos had reportedly been suspended two times from this top notch platform. The recent ban was imposed on Yiannopoulos following the tracking of some messages that were deemed sexist and racist at the same time that were directed at “Saturday Night Live” comedian Leslie Jones. The comedian was offended and had to leave the social-platform which was injurious to twitter as a company.