There are rumors in the air about Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s expected new move to unveil its own Venmo-like service. The ones set to benefit in a great from the newest move will as a matter of fact be the various iPhone users. It will be the best time for them to move forward and pay family members as well as friends on Apple’s ecosystem.

According to some top trusted sources, the top provider is soon looking forward to make the announcement regarding its new cross-cutting service. It is rumored that the service may be going by the name “Apple Cash” and as a matter of fact that might take place some where in the latest stages of this particular year, most probably at its fall iPhone event.

It is indeed raising eyebrows seeing the different sources conflicting on similar fronts. For instance, lately there was the question on whether or not an announcement and release date had been settled upon. With the great stir still in the air, there arose an individual claiming that he was much familiar with the provider’s plan citing that Apple’s Venmo-like service was indeed on its early stages in terms of development.

The news today unveiled the potential ramp up of an in-house, peer-to-peer payment service that of course sprouted some time back. In fact, it was some five years back when the provider for the first time discussed about such a service and it did this together with a number of the U.S banks.

According to sources, the unnamed Apple payments service was to cover an enormous partnership with Visa. That would indeed go a long way towards making it possible for users to obtain the digital pre-paid cards that would as a matter of fact run on the debit network of Visa but however remain tied to the peer-to-peer service that belongs to Apple. Other sources indicate the possibility of it being eventually added to Apple Pay.

This in other words means that the different users will be able to get paid through “Apple Cash” from a family member or a friend and with the Visa card and Apple pay it will be possible to make purchases in the online retail locations. Those days of waiting for bank clearances are fast passing by.


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