It goes without saying that indeed Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) happens to be one of the world’s most valuable public companies. That is of course based of overall business performance and customer satisfaction. Getting to the point of becoming an $800 billion valuation must have taken so much in terms of setting up a proper strategy and today the company reveals what has catapulted it to that point.

The coming week pulls in as a rare exception. It is the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and according to sources the app makers and coders will hold a meeting to set up plans in advance that will see them launch the next versions of Apple’s operating systems.

This particular year’s confab according to a number of the top trusted sources will be held with high regard by the various top investors. According to Tim Cook the company’s CEO, there are plans underway that will help double the provider’s services revenue-which as a matter of fact includes the App Store — by 2020. Developers -who are of course the persons that come up with those apps are crucial towards the achievement of this dream.

One thing that is for sure is that Apple knows exactly how to court them and has gone ahead to make some heavy investments in the education programs around coding. In outlining this we are in a way looking at the revamped Genius Bar as well as the coding game Swift Playgrounds. According to the company’s insiders, the App Store has disbursed about $70 billion to developers and of course that follows its unveiling in 2008.

Apple needs to understand that keeping the various developers engaged is not easy and thus it must be ready to address the numerous related challenges. However, any top business will from time to time will face challenges, but what matters is the way it chooses to go about the matter.

One of the company’s top officials in a recent board meeting went ahead to state that they were proud about how far the company had come. However, they needed to do more in order to maintain their position as the industry leader in a very competitive business climate. Putting in place major expansions would help a great deal as well as improving in terms of service delivery. The future looks bright for the provider, but we just have to wait and see!


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