Twitter Inc’s (NYSE:TWTR) revenue has increased in Japan following a surge in the number of users, enhanced advertising selections and acceptance of video content by both users and advertisers in the region.  The company reported an increase in the sales volume in 2017, which went up by 34% compared to the previous year.

The recent Twitter’s performance has technically raised hopes among people including the investors, market analysts, customers, and other stakeholders that the company might experience broader growth in the near future especially in Japan. Twitter has focused on the innovative initiatives at local and remote regions and has since diversified its products further beyond the US market unlike other tech firms that concentrate on the high-end markets.

The reason why the company has grown drastically in Japan market is basically due to the quick response to the dynamic demands of the advertisers. The company’s policy allows for aliases and tweeting as well as the muttering service app that enables the users to freely express their opinion in the language that they well understand. Twitter currently serves more than 45 million users by October last year from 40 million clients in 2016.

Recently, Twitter announced that it would not allow people to post same messages from several multiple accounts. The move is help the company halt the activities of the Russian agents and other malicious groups that allegedly use the platform to make tweets that go viral in the social media.

Furthermore, the firm would prohibit people from using software to concurrently carry out various activities such as liking or retweeting from multiple accounts. The company made the decision to relook into its policies since it has been under pressure from users and various state governments to curb the rapid spread of false news and propaganda that are performed by automated accounts, bots.

Japan becomes the third country after the US and UK in opting for Twitter to offer its new ‘promote mode’ service that enables smaller enterprises to boost their advertisements through tweets.


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