Publishers have finally been permitted to publish branded contents in the Snapchat applications following a deal that has been finalized by Snapchat.

Publishers had been denied the permission to create ads that could be ran in between the articles they had published and the videos they posted on the snapchat.

The deal seeks to allow the advertisers and the publishers to be able to ensure the videos and articles they publish in their app will be able to have a look alike to the other media being offered in the app.

Snapchat generated about $100 million in revenues for its media partners by the close of the 2017 financial year. The platform however continues to have a reputation of being an app for which ads struggle to hold the users before they are able to reach the videos.

For years now, publishers have been holding negotiations with Snapchat so as to be allowed to introduce branded contents that will enable them draw the sponsor’s messages and also make the ads looks similar to the rest besides driving up the value of services.

The company had devised other advert formats which are able to interest the consumer for longer periods. They however said that they will not help the publishers to be able to discover this sections.


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Social media platforms have often offered the branded content ads. For instance publishers and other internet personalities on Facebook are able to generate videos and other contents on behalf of other brands as long as they are marked as sponsored.

Snapchat is on course to try and open ways for which the media partners and influencers are able to advantage on this platform. However in the meantime, new ads will only be restricted to recognized professional media platforms.

The company has also customized its apps which enables the separation of the personal messaging section and the discover section with an aim of making discover more close to the brands and the publishers who are driving and seeking to gain more views for their contents.

The recent redesign has created a conflict amongst the users of the platform, however the overall goal cannot be picked out now because it equally feels too soon to tell its overall impact.