The various persons that have invested in Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) are looking forward to see their profit margins increase in a significant way. But do they need to move ahead and read Spotify’s latest financial disclosures? This company’s document for its public stock listing showcases exactrky how tricky it might get in terms of one being able to convert a profit in digital music.

One aspect about the Spotify Technology SA’s gross profit margins is the fact that in the previous year they ended up rising significantly but of course that was thanks to the new contracts that were struck with the various record labels.

However, the company is at the moment still doling out 75 to 80 cents of every dollar in revenue to the various industry partners not forgetting that the same goes for the rest of the basic costs in line with offering its product. A lot of the market experts attest to the fact that it is pretty tough for spotify to turn a profit.

In another statement, the phone company disclosed that it expected its services revenue to in a matter of time double and that can be estimated using the current figure which stands at $25 billion in annual sales.

An official working with the company opined, “The forecast for fresh revenue is appealing, but investors have been most enthusiastic about the potential for Apple’s growing services business to sweeten Apple’s profit margins. The figure for the whole company was 38.4 percent in the December quarter.”

The hope for richer margins is a matter that has been written about in several instances but truth be told it is not very easy to achieve. It is clear to see that the profit margins remain pretty high for App Store and the iCloud and it is worth noting that Apple’s costs remain quite low.


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Apple’s spokesperson in a recent interview said that the intricacies that pulled along with the ever shifting dynamics is something they were slowly getting used to with time. He said that as a company they were doing all they could towards maintaining their business equilibrium.