Nokia Corp (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) has updated its software portfolio to improve on levels of intelligence, innovation and automation of service provider networks. The software will enable customers in automating operations monetize services and make sense of huge amounts of data. They include Nokia NetAct Archive Cloud, Nokia evolved Service Operations Center (eSOC) and Nokia SBC for Cloud. The company will for the first time demonstrate analysis of real-time data from Deepfield, a company Nokia acquired recently.

President of Applications & Analytics at Nokia said the company is committed at investing in innovation so as to strengthen its software portfolio. He added that the new products will help customer improve service delivery, streamline its operations and enable the company claim its place in a competitive market.

The evolved Service Operations Center enables service providers to shift to automated customer-centric operations from network-centric operations. This replaces outdated processes, systems and measurement techniques. Service providers move from reactive to proactive and more predictive processes with better tools for analysis.

With the Traffica real-time network analytics modules and the integration of Nokia’s Automated Operations and Recovery (AOR), eSOC becomes the first software on the market that automates the problem resolution stage of the SOC process. The eSOC enables users to detect within the shortest time possible, diagnose and prevent impacting problems with the need for human intervention. The system will enable users to address upto 97% network problems by accessing instant input from the closed-loop peocess. Thi will significantly reduce repair time. Nokia’s studies have shown the company has up to 45% capacity to cut on service-related issues complaints.

The Nokia NetAct Archive Cloud will become the first software to timely intelligent cloud backup and monitoring for service providers. The software automatically identifies and back up important data from the whole network.  Previously the system only focused on backup capabilities for core data while supporting all network components. The software offers continuous and real-time monitoring allowing improved visibility into network conditions.

The Nokia SBC portfolio will enable users to control and monitor media and signaling streams that go beyond fixed, enterprise, Internet access, mobile and peering networks.


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