From a PR position, the introduction of HoloLens by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) came at the right time. Some of the most powerful headsets in the market like Oculus Rift from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) were still too far from launching. At the time Google Glass from Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was almost dead. The situation made HoloLens to be the most preferred computing platform. HoloLens is used to project holographic images a real-world view of the user.

However, despite making a lot of progress, HoloLens is still only accessible to a handful of developers initial developers. According to tech journalist Paul Thurrott, the person behind several past Microsoft scoops has changed the HoloLens hardware roadmap canceling the earlier planned launch of the device. The company will instead focus on unveiling the third-generation product that offers something similar to the current model. This won’t be on the market until 2019.

This simply means the production of the new generation HoloLens won’t be possible for the next two year. The current model is only available to a limited number of people through a developer kit introduced a year ago. Developers like Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK) among others have developed several intriguing communication and entertainment apps. Few people are using the current model owing to its expensive cost.

In its defence, Microsoft says two years will be enough time to seal all loopholes in the HoloLens. The battery of the current model can only support the machine for two to three hours, very heavy and has a limited field-of-view.

With hopes that the new model is cheaper an additional year will give Microsoft more time to cut on manufacturing costs. It is also hopped that the HoloLens is portable. The current model is limited in its use as it can only be used indoors to avoid many taking on many mobile applications that reduce on field of view.

However, two years may be a lot of time for competitors to develop rival products. Apple CEO is reported to be contemplating creating smart glasses that can be paired with iPhones. Apple has in the past developed a number of AR-related technologies.


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