iQIYI Inc is embracing better strategies intended to make the entertainment industry more vibrant. The China-based online leader in entertainment service is bringing on board an AI programming competition dubbed “Celebrity Video Identification Challenge.” The competition has the support of the Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2018). It will involve 200 to 1,000 teams a majority of whom will be from some of the world’s top universities.

The participants will be required to obtain breakthroughs in video-based multimodal biometric recognition. However, they will apply iQIYI’s colossal data set. Some of the factors they will use to identify the celebrities include how they move, their way of clothing as well as an individual’s voice and face.

Competition contestants will compete against some of the leading figures in the AI field

The teams will interact with 50,000 video segments featuring 5,000 celebrities. Some of these celebrities are at the top of the AI field. However, the use of biometric recognition through photographs may not be satisfactory considering various variables. The notable variables include light conditions, age, obstructions to view, makeup and pose.

However, iQIYI Chief Technology Officer Liu Wenfeng says, “The combination of iQIYI’s massive digital video resources and leading AI technology means we are well positioned to take the field of video-based biometric recognition to the next level.”

There are great prizes awaiting the winners who will be known on November 1 after the closure of the competition on October 15. The prizes include 200,000 RMB (roughly US$31,000) and 100,000 RMB ($15,500) for the first and second positions respectively. The third will win 50,000 RMB ($7,750).


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iQIYI, Inc has secured its niche in the online entertainment industry

The company is a leading technology platform run by advanced AI. It attracts massive user engagement having developed a diversified monetization model. In fostering continuous innovation, it combines its creative talent with technology. It also boasts an all-inclusive library of competently-produced content.

Meanwhile, the entertainment service has made changes to its board composition to incorporate Ms. Jane Jie Sun as an independent director. Jie Sun was the chief executive officer and a director of Ctrip. Dr. Haifeng Wang, a senior VP at Baidu takes up the roles of a director of the Board while Mr. Herman Yu assumes the chairmanship of the compensation committee.