GE Digital and SIG have announced a partnership aimed at advancing digital innovations in food and beverage packaging. SIG is a global leader in the production of packaging solutions and systems for the food and beverage industry. In the partnership, SIG will use GE Digital’s Predix ServiceMax and Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) industrial applications in more than 400 customer factories around the world to create intelligent solutions, improve efficiency and offer new possibilities and opportunities to customers.

Food and beverage industries increasingly embracing innovations

The food and beverage industry has been very accommodative to the recent digital transformations. Many consumers are going for convenient products that are safe, affordable and differentiated, increasingly seeking innovation. Producers are also seeking solutions to several challenges that abound in the industry. These include shorter production cycles, complex supply chain and growing completion. These are increasingly forcing companies to embrace technologies that allow them quickly identify the problems and suggest solutions. Producers are also quickly embracing technologies that help them address the ever changing consumer demand.

Developing data-driven intelligence to benefit customer

APM and ServiceMax create a unique combination of applications that will allow SIG to develop and end-to-end digital platform aimed at bringing new insights as well as data-based intelligence to customers around the world. This will immensely help customers and the company predict and holistically manage the whole lifecycle of SIG filling channels. The applications will assist in automatic collection analysis of data as well as tapping into a huge database of global operations in real time. Both SIG and its customers will move to a whole new level asset monitoring and get rid of predictive service models. They will be able to reinvent and reengineer their supply chain, evolve their products mix and enhance quality control technologies.

On his part, GE Digital CEO Bill Ruh said that many sectors are embracing digital transformation and many industries are now aware that they need to increase productivity if they are to succeed. He added that Predix applications will help SIG stamp its authority as a leader in transformative food and beverage packaging technologies.


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